Rupert Grint Biography: The Grint Tale Chapter 7

“I’m ready to kind of move on now.” (Rupert on BBC at BAFTAs 2011)

n 6 January 2011, Episode 3 of Come Fly with me starring Rupert Grint aired on BBC, and “rupert grint” once more became a trending topic on the social network Twitter.

On 21 January 2011, Rupert and his family attended a Gala Diner to raise money for the Jamie Proctor’s Foundation, where his sister Samantha performed a few of her self-written songs.

Four days later, Rupert attended the South Bank Sky Arts Awards to award the Best Film Award to the makers of Monsters, and another three days later, Rupert once more joined James and Oliver Phelps in a video call to raise money for the Royal National Lifeboat Institution.

On 10 February, Rupert had a photoshoot with French magazine THAT, which is set to be released in the summer of 2011.

To raise money for Red Nose Day, a special edition of Beano Mag was published on 18 February, featuring Rupert among other celebrities. In addition to this, Rupert filmed a comedy skit written by comedian James Corden alongside other celebrities such as his co-star Tom Felton, Paul McCartney, Gordon Brown, Justin Bieber, Rio Ferdinand, Keira Knightley and Ringo Starr, which was aired on 18 March on BBC.

On behalf of their 20th anniversary, Esquire had asked celebrities whom they considered talented and interesting, to design their own covers, and Rupert was among those select few.

“He is a rebel and I won’t say that’s quite me. He is a bit fiery, augmentative and a bit annoying, so that’s not really me. But I look forward to playing him.” ( March 2011)

On 24 March, Rupert joined Oscar-winning director Petter Næss and actors Lachlan Nieboer, David Kross, Florian Lukas and Stig Henrik Hoff at a press conference for the anti-war film Comrade. Based partially on the real events taking place at Grotli, Norway on 27 April 1941, Rupert spent several weeks in Norway and Trolhättan in Sweden playing Gunner Robert ‘Smithy’ Smith.

Due to his commitment on Comrade, Rupert was unable to participate in the promotion for the DVD of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1 – the first time he missed out on a Harry Potter promotion due to another job. Yet Rupert once again recorded Ron’s lines for the video game of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2.

“I come from a big family and my mum always made sure we had lots of milk to drink as kids. It’s low in fat, refreshing and good for you, and really tasty too.” (Rupert on Make Mine Milk Capaign 2011)

In May 2011, it was announced that Rupert was one of the celebrities supporting the Make Mine Milk campaign.

He also participated in the Milk Challenge, finishing his pint of milk in 20:05 seconds. Rupert also gave an interview discussing milk and food, revealing that he enjoys cereals in the morning and has started to “improve his culinary skills”.

Before starting his promotional work for the final film of the Harry Potter series, Rupert enjoyed a day off, attending Day 5 of the Wimbledon Tennis Tournament with his friend and co-star Oliver Phelps.

“It’s a long-game thing. Potter’s definitely always going to be with me because naturally it’s quite a big deal. It’s probably the biggest thing I’m going to be in. But I’m just going to take it as it goes, really.” (Rupert in Empire Magazine July 2011)

In July, several magazines published their editions with special interviews and photoshoots for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2, among them Empire and Entertainment Weekly. Other magazines featured articles about Rupert himself such as the Guardian’s Observer and the Sun, while THAT magazine and Attitude even featured Rupert Grint on their covers.

The popularity of Rupert’s character was proven by two huge polls, MTV’s Harry Potter World Cup and Empire Magazine’s Favourite Character poll, in both of which Ron Weasley came second to Alan Rickman‘s Severus Snape – a result that Rupert himself had expected as he revealed to MTV.

On 27 June 2011, Rupert began his final promotion tour for Harry Potter, attending a fan event with Q&A at Kinepolis Cinema in Madrid with James and Oliver Phelps, and participating in an online chat with On 29 June, Rupert, James and Oliver appeared on the popular El Hormiguero show, acting out the story of the last film with puppets.

The following day, the three attended the opening of a special Open Air Exhibition of behind-the-scenes photos from all the Harry Potter films at Rembrandtplein in Amsterdam, Netherlands, after a press junket at their hotel.

Back in London, Rupert appeared on ITV’s Daybreak to promote the film and on 6 July, attended a Photocall and Press Conference, during which he and Matthew Lewis took a short break for a trip to the restrooms.

On 7 July, Rupert attended the World Premiere of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 at London’s Trafalgar and Leicester Squares at the largest premiere to date, with the red carpet being a 3/4 mile long, setting a new World Record. During their speeches at the premiere, J. K. Rowling called Rupert her “favourite ginger person”, and Rupert openly declared to Emma and Dan “I love you, I really do”.

On behalf of US promotion for the new film, Rupert appeared on a Larry King Special as well as Regis&Kelly and the Today Show. On 11 July, Rupert joined his co-stars Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson, Tom Felton, Matthew Lewis and Alan Rickman at the last ever Harry Potter Premiere in New York City.

Only a few days later, Rupert accompanied his sister Samantha to Waltham Cross in Hertfordshire, where she participated in and won a concert competition.

“Thank you guys, so much, for these awards! It’s great to be here. The Harry Potter movies really have changed our lives, and we hope you enjoyed watching them as much as we did making them.” (Rupert Grint at the Teen Choice Awards)

Back in the USA, Rupert and his former Harry-Potter co-star Tom Felton began to share their “Tompert” bromance. On 28 July, Rupert stole the show on the red carpet of the Los Angeles premiere of “Rise of the Planets of the Apes”, wearing an “I *heart* Tom Felton” t-shirt in support of his former co-star. Together, they also attended a show of Steel Panther on 3 August as well as the Rankin Exhibition.

On 7 August, Rupert and Tom graced the red carpet of the Teen Choice Awards to pick up no less than seven Awards 2011 for Harry Potter.

Having done a photoshoot together, the pictures of the Band of Outsiders Fall/Winter 2011 collection with Rupert and Tom were published on 30 August.

“I used to watch Postman Pat when I was a small boy. My brother and sisters all did at some stage.” (Rupert about Postman Pat)

On 15 September, it was announced that Rupert was signed up for yet another project: He would be voicing the character Josh, a former boyband star, in the upcoming animated feature film Postman Pat – You know you’re the one, based on the popular British TV series for kids. A former fan himself, Rupert was happy to be on board alongside Stephen Mangan, Jim Broadband and David Tennant.

The following weekend, Rupert celebrated his birthday in Las Vegas with a group of friends – and fans, who had the opportunity to party at the Paris Hotel’s Chateau and Gardens on the 17th and to meet him during a Meet&Greet event at the Sugar Factory the following afternoon. Rupert and his friends also enjoyed a show of Love, the Cirque du Soleil show based on the Beatles’ songs.

“Rupert Grint is the nicest guy you could possibly meet – he’s lovely and did it for free, which shows how nice he is. It was really fun to make and at my gig everyone went nuts when he came on-stage, which was funny.” (Ed Sheeran, on

To everyone’s surprise, Rupert Grint appeared on stage at a concert of singer Ed Sheeran as a “special guest” on 8 October. Ed himself revealed that Rupert would star in the music video of his upcoming song Lego House, and eventually mentioned that Tom Felton had been a help in setting everything up, and that Rupert had done the video for free. In the clip, which was released on 20 October, Rupert plays a fan of Ed who impersonates and stalks the fan. The video on youtube received 2 Million views within three days.

On 9 October, Rupert won in the category “Best British Actor” at the BBC Teen Awards, claiming that “I’m just the ginger one in the background, this shouldn’t be happening!”.
Several days later, he was back at Leavesden for publicity work for the upcoming Warner Bros Studio Tour, for which the Harry Potter sets had been turned into a visitor attracktion that will open in 2012.

On 7 November, it was announced that Rupert Grint once again donated a painting for a good cause, this time to The Prince’s Trust – An Evening of Art, arranged by HRH Prince Charles himself. Rupert’s painting was auction off on 7 December in Bath.
Only three days later, it was revealed that Rupert had also painted an elephant for the Elephant Parade, which was part of the Exhibition in Singapore. About his inspiration for the elephant’s design, Rupert said: “My inspiration comes from the human heart with its intricate veins and arteries, intertwined with faces depicting various expressions of human emotions.”

During the weekend from 10 to 12 November, Rupert joined his Harry Potter co-stars at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Orlando to celebrate the release of the DVD and BluRay for the final film, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2.
While he was there, he took a family on a tour of the park who had lost their mother during childbirth, sharing butterbeer and joining them on the coaster rides as part of Noel Edmund’s Noel’s Christmas Presents.

“I’m really looking forward to putting my time on the leader board at Top Gear Live this November. Hopefully, with a little bit of luck, the support of the crowd and some of The Stig’s wisdom of course, I can come out the winner!” (Rupert on Top Gear)

On 26 November, Rupert appeared on Top Gear‘s Star in a Reasonable Car Live at ExCel Arena in London and became second on the Live Show’s Leader Board, finishing off his two rounds on the track in 51,4 seconds.

Rupert also became a member of the jury for the 2012’s Super Shorts International Film Festival, alongside Alex Zane, Philip Bloom, Andrew Scott and James Clarke, choosing the winners in the categories Best Direction, Best Editing, Best Music, Best Cinematography, Best Comedy, Best Drama, Best Documentary and Script Competition as well as the Grand Prix of the Festival.

“Supporting Cancer Research UK’s Little Star Awards is a privilege,” said Rupert Grint. “The awards are a fantastic way of recognizing the bravery and courage of all children and their families who have been affected by cancer. Each and every child is a hero. I’m proud to be able to play a part in raising awareness of the awards and I think that it’s wonderful that Cancer Research UK is helping to bring a little bit of magic to the children’s lives in this way.”

Continuing his support for Charities, Harry-Potter co-star Warwick Davis tweeted a picture of Rupert holding a t-shirt designed by Warwick himself on behalf on Make-a-Wish Foundation; and Rupert joined Leona Lewis and others to support the Little Star Award, in support of Cancer Research UK.

On 13 December, Rupert and Oliver Phelps visited a class of Bishop Walsh School in Sutton Coldfield, who had won the visit in an online competition. He also attended The Friends Christmas Party at Great Ormond Street Hospital in London together with Tom Felton just two days later, spending the morning with young fans before joining his own family for the holidays after such a busy year.

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