Rupert Grint Biography: The Grint Tale Chapter 6

“Thanks so much for all your support to try and get Cherrybomb in the cinemas, and it’s really worked! So thank you so much and it means a lot to everyone who was involved and all the crew, and it’s really lovely to know you care! Thank you.” (Rupert to the fans)

n early 2010, it was announced that Rupert’s fans had succeeded in their campaign for Cherrybomb, and distributional deals had been signed for several countries, an early proof that Rupert’s fans would also support him once the Harry Potter films would come to an end.

On 19 March, a painting of a butterfly painted by Rupert himself was auctioned off for Keech Hospice Care, a charity supporting three hospices near Rupert’s hometown. The auction, which ended on 28 March, raised 560 British Pounds.
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The same day, Rupert attended the 2010 Empire Awards and honoured actor Simon Pegg with an award in the Sci-Fi category for his film Star Trek.

Rupert also took the time to test the Fujifilm FinePix Real 3D W1 and to write a review for the DailyMail, showing yet another of his many talents.

With yet another nomination at the 2010 People’s Choice Awards as Favorite On-Screen Team, Rupert, Daniel Radcliffe and Emma Watson, were spending their final months on the set of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.

“The kiss will be quite uncomfortable. Emma’s like a sister to me so it’s going to be, like, really, really weird. But don’t worry, we’ll do it!” (On kissing Emma in DH)

For both the Seven Potter sequence as well as the scenes within the Ministry of Magic, the trio were required to work with other actors incorporating them, even directing them themselves. When trying to imitate Rupert, Dan discovered that Rupert has “a very sexy hip wriggle” when walking – a fact Rupert had become much more conscious once Dan mentioned it to him.

Before filming the highly-anticipated kiss between Ron and Hermione, Rupert and Emma talked about their nervousness and agreed to clean their mouths before shooting. Having been told only shortly before that they would shoot their kissing scene, David Heyman mentioned that it was “a critical day on set”, while Rupert revealed that they needed about 5 takes and “were kissing up a storm”, aware that the fans had very high expectations on that very scene.

Having taken a short break from filming, Rupert joined his co-star Robert Sheehan for some promotional work for the UK release of Cherrybomb on 23 April, answering fan questions as a thank you for their support in bringing the film to the cinemas.

On 19 April, the cast, crew and their friends met again in London for a private screening of Cherrybomb and an aftershow party.

“It’s really took me by surprise that how much this film means to me. How not doing it every day will affect my life.” (Rupert Grint, The Examiner, 13 February 2011)

On 12 June 2010, Rupert, Emma and Daniel filmed their last scene for the Harry Potter franchise, namely the jump into the fireplace at the Ministry of Magic. Having spent almost half their lives on the set at Leavesden, they all cried once that final “Cut!” was made, Rupert’s tears even surprising Dan, who said “it was very weird, particularly seeing Rupert cry. It was kind of wrong. It was kind of like seeing your dad cry or something. It was wrong.”

As a thank you for cast and crew, Rupert had brought his famous ice cream van to the set and served ice cream to everyone.

Only six days later, Wild Target was released cinematically in the United Kingdom, with several other countries following suit.

From 16 to 19 June, Rupert headed over to Orlando, Florida, for the grand opening of the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. Having filmed clips for the rides while on the set at Leavesden, Rupert not only participated in the Press Conference, but attended the Grand Opening on 18 June, and mingled with the invited visitors enjoying the park.

“It’s kind of like the Gumball Rally, but the budget is like 250 Pounds and you have to get a car for that and then drive all around Europe.” (Rupert talking about the Wacky Rally, DH1 DVD)

In July, Rupert joined his friends James and Oliver Phelps at the Wacky Rally: Barmy to Barcelona to raise money for the Royal National Lifeboat Institution, a charity that was soon supported by his fans as well.

Having bought a car for 60, they built it up to look like a lifeboat and drove through several European countries from Dover, England to Barcelona in Spain. Rupert revealed that he was only allowed to drive at the beginning of the Rally as there was a speed limit of 80 mph, and he “might have gone a little over that”.

On 11 July, Rupert once again proved his appreciation for fast cars by appearing on Britain’s Top Gear. After a training round with the Stig, Rupert broke the celebrity record at 1:45.5. and became a ‘Trending Topic’ on Twitter.

“I bought this because I went out into the crowd yesterday and I was stopped constantly. It’s like one person takes a picture and then that’s it, another one and another one, it never stops. But the horse’s head is genius, it’s like I’m invisible. Hard to have a drink, though…” (Rupert about his horse mask disguise at V Festival, The Mirror)

Free from any filming contracts, Rupert enjoyed a summer off, not only doing the RNLI Rally and Top Gear, but also meeting up with friends and attending various music festivals with friends and colleagues to see some of his favourite bands live on stage. He also travelled to Singapore with his brother James to enjoy the Formula One Grand Prix on 26 September 2010.

In August, Rupert interrupted his festival tour for a promotional day on behalf of the release of the Cherrybomb DVD on 23 August 2010, exactly ten years after his very first Press Conference for Harry Potter. Following a private Meet&Greet event with fans, Rupert spent another hour answering fan questions at the Meet the Actor event at the Apple Store Regent Street in London.

On 4 September, Rupert joined comedians Matt Lucas and David Walliams at Doncaster Sheffield Robin Hood Airport to film a scene for their upcoming comedy series Come fly with me.

Two weeks later, Rupert followed an invitation by Samuel L. Jackson and travelled to Switzerland, where he participated in the Shooting Stars Benefit Golf Tournament, raising money for the Samuel L. Jackson Foundation and the Swiss Red Cross, alongside Ioan Gruffudd, Haley Joel Osment, Dennis Haysbert, Luke Wilson and Colin Salmon.

On 19 October 2010, the book Harry Potter Film Wizardry was released. The book, revealing behind-the-scenes facts, pictures and stories, contained an introduction written by Rupert, Dan and Emma themselves.

“Rupert was really sweet and easy to work with. […] But he was very very down to earth, happy to have his photo taken in a grungey pub and very laid back about outfits and getting changed etc etc.. He didn’t act like a massive star who earns millions in any way just a sweet, normal young guy, in fact less big headed than most boys his age famous or not!” (Photographer Rebecca Thomas, ICM Interview, 18 March 2010)

Throughout the year, Rupert continued his work on photoshoots and interviews, among others NO Magazine, FAULT, Disorder, Sunday Times and the official Harry Potter Actors Shoot on behalf of the release of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1 on 19 November 2010.

On 11 November, Rupert joined the cast and crew once more at Leicester Square in London for the World Premiere of the second-to-last Harry Potter installment, and continued the promotional world tour to the US and Japan. Once again, the film gained a spot in the Top Ten Box Office Films, and critical praise for Rupert’s portrayal of Ron’s darker and edgier sides poured in.

In December, Rupert was among the cast who were called back to Leavesden Studios to re-shoot the Epilogue for the final film, once again meeting up with their on-screen kids.

Shortly before the end of 2010, Rupert wrapped his scenes for the Harry Potter films for good.

Honoured with the Special Award for Contribution to British Cinema at the BAFTAs 2011 for the Harry Potter franchise, Rupert was finally free to pursue new acting projects…

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