Rupert Grint Biography: About his roles

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Ron Weasley

Question: “You’re cooler than Ron?”
Rupert: “Definitely, yeah!”
Question: “You wanna reassure people you wouldn’t have worn that coat?”
Rupert: Yeah. I like to think I’m a bit braver than him. Because he can be a bit of a wimp sometimes and I don’t know. I always felt I could sort of relate to him in some ways, anyway. Obviously we both got ginger hair and big families, so…yeah that’s us.”
(Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire DVD)

“I’m shorter, I don’t have as many freckles as Ron, and I can’t do magic!”

“Ron was always my favorite character, because I feel like I relate to him, like we’ve both got red hair, we both like sweets, we’ve both got lots of brothers and sisters, and we’re both afraid of spiders.”

“I especially like Ron. Sometimes you feel so sorry for him because he’s always getting stuff from his brothers. And he’s got a fat, lazy rat.”

“But as the Harry Potter movies have gone on, there has been more in them and my character has developed more. But up until recently, it was just me playing this scared guy, with the odd light-hearted line. I never got to push myself…”
(On the character development of Ronald Weasley, No Magazine March 2010)

“Over the years I hope we kind of emerged to the same person. I use to say wicked all the time, that’s kind of my word and suddenly it kind of started appearing in the script. It kind of does move over to real life.”
(Kidsay March 2011)

“I always felt a connection to Ron. I don’t know if it’s a ginger thing. Maybe I’ve taken on some of his characteristics.”
(Empire Magazine July 2011)

“It was always Ron I was going for. It was never anyone else. And I got a call from the casting directors.”
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Ben Marshall

“I took the part of Ben because he’s very different to Ron and it would show I could do more than be the wise-cracker.”

“I suppose the differences between Ben and Ron are that Ben is quieter and not as confident but more complicated. But I’m more like Ron. I like a laugh.”
(Daily Record August 24th, 2006)

“He’s quite sheltered. I mean, he’s from a religious family, and he’s got no friends. He’s a bit of a loner. He goes through quite a journey through the thing. And he sort of comes out of his shells, as it goes on. As he meets Julie Walters, her character, he sort of changes slightly, sort of becomes more independent and grows up a bit.”
(Groucho Reviews October 18th, 2006)

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“I picked it because my character, Malachy, is a complicated lad with all kinds of teenage emotions and rebellion swirling around inside.”
(Telegraph April 22, 2010)

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“He is a nice guy. He’s kind of mysterious, too. You don’t know where he comes from. He just appears suddenly. Kind of wrong place at the wrong time really.”
(Lovefilm 2010)

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Robert Smith

“He is a rebel and I won’t say that’s quite me. He is a bit fiery, augmentative and a bit annoying, so that’s not really me. But I look forward to playing him.”
( March 2011)

“Yeah, I play a quite frustrated and angry British pilot. He has a girl who’s waiting for him at home and it really doesn’t suit him that he has to sleep in the wilderness with the Germans…But I’ve never played such a role before. The character is so provocative and fiery, he’s very unlike myself.”
(, March 2012)

“I’m the complete opposite, actually. Laidback and slightly reserved. I don’t know how I would react in exactly that situation. But it was fun to play a guy like that.”
(, March 2012)

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Cheetah Chrome

rupertcbgb“”That’s also something else that’s new to me: playing someone who’s still living. We had to watch the trailers. It’s very strange. It also puts a little pressure on you because you want to get it right and do him justice. At some point, I’ve watched all the videos of him and there’s a really good interview they did. I’ve watched that several times.”
(, July 2012)

“He’s a snotty-nosed punk rebelling against everything and quite morose – he’s the complete opposite of Ron.”
(, July 2012)

“I couldn’t believe he was still alive given the amount of drugs he took.”
( , August 2013)

“He was great. It was just amazing to sit with him and talk to him, about when he was so heavily addicted to drugs and living such a wild lifestyle. It’s quite special when you’re playing someone as they’re watching you on set. I felt a little self-conscious about getting the movement right, so there was a bit of pressure, but it was special to get to know him.”
(, Oxtober 2013)

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“I think my character is kinda quite strange, and changed a lot while we were filming. I was originally going to be German, with a German accent and everything, but eventually we didn’t do that in the end, because with so many different accents in the movie it would’ve been really confusing. But basically I play a guy called Carl who’s been travelling in Romania with his friend Luke, who’s played by James Buckley. And Shia Labeouf moves into the same hostel as us and he shares a room with us for a while. We kind of get dragged into all his problems, he falls in love with a girl who’s linked with this really dangerous gangster, and we get taken hostage. And my character’s a very strange person who, without giving away too much, has quite a unique ambition in life and he gets into a bit of medical problems.”
( Exclusive Interview, September 2012)

“And my character was quite a challenge, I suppose, although he is only a tiny part of the film, the character kept changing.
Originally, in the script, I was German and I got my head around playing a German person, but in the end, there were so many accents in the film that they thought it would be too much, so they went away from that version.
I was a virgin at one point, which would have been another weird direction there. So it was a lot of work figuring out who I was.”
( Exclusive Interview, February 2013)

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“Basically, Postman Pat enters a talent show kind of thing, like X-Factor or Pop Idol that kind of thing. He learns that he’s actually got a really good singing voice. I’m kind of like his rival in the competition and I have this evil manager who’s always trying to sabotage Pat’s chance by doing all of these crazy things.”
( Exclusive Interview, September 2012)

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Frank Finger

“He’s a real nightmare, a completely ridiculous lord who is celebrated for his work but hates all the acclaim. He’s desperate for a bad review. On top of that, he’s a kleptomaniac and in therapy. An absolute mess.”

“I can’t relate on many of these aspects, actually. I’m really the polar opposite. I can’t even relate to his look – the eye makeup and the mad hair. I dunno how ladies put up with makeup. I wear a lot of guyliner in the show. It’s really heavy duty and hard to get off.
( October 2014)

“It’s a type of character that I’ve never had the chance to play before—he’s someone very complicated and deeply troubled. That’s really what attracted me to him.”
( August 2014)

“My character Frank is much more complicated, he’s deeply troubled, so it’s been interesting playing a character with issues. It’s fun.”
( September 2014)

“He’s not like other characters I’ve played before. He’s quite over-the-top and angry. He’s been praised since leaving RADA for everything he’s done, and he’s a bit sick of all the attention and the rave reviews. He’s already been knighted. He wants a bad review to kind of get him back on track. And he’s a kleptomaniac. It’s a fun character.”
(, September 2014)

““When I read the script, I loved the character immediately. He’s already been knighted and is on top of his game, but he’s sick of being glorified. He’s also a borderline kleptomaniac, bold and ridiculous and kind of crazy, which is really, really fun for me. The play has such a rich variety of characters, all wanting different things from the reviews.”
(, September 2014)

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“He’s a good guy, he’s just a bit unlucky and, um, kind of, he’s one of those people that tries really hard to kind of succeed and just always ends up making the wrong choice and bad decisions and just kind of screws everything up. And yeah, he’s kind of a guy managing a band and kind of out of control and huge egos and he’s definitely trying to get them signed on an album and that desperation kind of gets him into kind of a lot of trouble with the CIA.”
( Exclusive Interview, July 2014)

“I am a lot more laid back – Jonny is a lot more neurotic and stressed out.”

“He is such an ambitious tragic guy, everything he does doesn’t work but he has this drive and determination.”
( Twitter chat 2016)

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Charlie Cavendish

“They’re all trying to escape something, particularly from their home life,” Grint said. “They all have quite complicated home foundations. Charlie has these bohemian hippie parents that have these weird sex parties and grow weed so he’s always trying to escape that. We’ll see where it goes. We get completely out of our depth. We’re just small time scammers and suddenly we find ourselves deep, deep trouble with lethal consequences. Its’ interesting how each of our characters deal with it in different ways.”
(TCA 2017)

“Charlie is a very unusual character. I’ve never played anyone like him.”

“Charlie’s not really a natural gangster… he’s desperate to prove himself within the group.”
(Snatch TV 2017)

“He has many weaknesses. He gets distracted easily. But he is quite intelligent and can talk to anyone.”

“Whenever you play a character you put a bit of yourself in it. He is a very unique indivual. I dont think I’ve ever met anyone like him.”

“Besides the fact that we’re both pacifists, not really, no. He’s a lover not a fighter.”
(Answer to the question: Is there something similar between your character Charlie and you?)
(crackle 2017)

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