Rupert Grint Biography: About directors

Mike Newell | David Yates | Jonathan Lynn

Mike Newell

“I really got on well with Mike. He was a bit crazy sometimes, but he’s really funny and he was really into the comedy as well which I like, so, yeah, I really enjoyed working with Mike.”
(Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire DVD)

“Mike Newell is really loud and not afraid to swear at you, but he was really cool.”
(IGN, May 2007)

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David Yates

“We all got on really well with David, so we were pleased he was coming back. Going through the script, he really listened to what we had to say about our characters, but he also offered a lot of help and guidance.”
(On working with David Yates on HBP)

“David’s wicked. Really cool.”
(Unscripted with Jeremy Brock – Rupert responds to a fan question)

“David Yates is much more laid back, more quiet, he’s just really good.”
(IGN, May 2007)

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Jonathan Lynn

“I really enjoyed working with Jonny. He’s really nice and funny. His way of directing is really good. He’s great.”
(Wild Target DVD)

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