Rupert Grint Biography: About costars
“I’d tell you, but she’d hurt me!”
(Answering to “Is Emma really bossy like Hermione?”)

“I’ve got a table tennis on set and we’re always playing between scenes. Dan has been having a few lucky months and we’ve both been getting really good but Emma is brilliant.We rarely play her now because it gets quite embarrassing.”
(On Playing Table Tennis with Emma)

“My mates prefer watching a horror film on DVD instead of watching the new Harry Potter in theatres. This used to be different though. When I got the part of Ron my friends were totally proud of me and were pestering me with questions. They especially wanted to know all about Emma.”
(On His Friends Inquiring About Emma)

“And Emma, I mean, she’s really cool. We all get on really well; she’s just a really good mate. A great person.”
(On His Friendship with Emma; LA Times Blogs Hero Complex July 1, 2009)

“A lot of people are surprised that we don’t see each other much when we are not filming. But you have to understand that we see each other all day almost everyday. if we were together 24/7 we couldn’t stand each other anymore!”
(On Emma (and Dan) Outside of Filming)

“Dan is the one who is very driven; he’s ambitious and he’s knows there’s quite a few things down the road. I am a little bit more laid back.”
(On the Difference Between Himself and Daniel Radcliffe; LA Times Hero Complex Blog July 1, 2009)

“Working with Julie Walters on Driving Lessons was a much different experience than working with her on the Harry Potter movies. Obviously they’re completely different characters. It was actually really good having Julie there because I knew her before in the Harry Potter films. We were only filming for like six weeks [and] it was good to have someone there you sort of knew. She was really fine, really easy to get on with, so she’s cool.”
( October 18th, 2006)

“It was really nice when I heard Julie was going to do it, just to have a friendly face. I was on screen the whole time and it was a bit scary. So it definitely made it much easier. And she’s great anyway. She’s really funny.”
(The Sydney Morning Herald, June 2007)

“Rob, It was an honour to have known you and whenever I’m on the Southend strip I’ll be thinking of you. Rest in peace mate.”
(Rupert’s tribute to 18-year-old Harry Potter actor Rob Knox who was killed in a frenzied attack outside a bar in southeast of London in June 2008, as he tried to protect his younger brother.)

“Stig is amazing and very fun to be around. Everybody hung out together outside of filming and we had a very good time together.” (About Stig Henrik Hoff, co-star of Into The White,, March 2012)

“Working with Alan again is great, it’s great to see him in a completely different role. It’s fun”

“Yeah, that was the other thing that really made me want to do this was getting a chance to work with Alan again because he’s always been one of my favorites whenever I worked with him on Potter. He had had such a great presence and he was just always really nice and it was great to work with him. I thought it’d be fun to work with him again in a completely different environment. It’s been fun.”
(About Alan Rickman, co-star of CBGB,, July 2012)

“It was great to see Alan again and working with him in a different kind of environment was strange, but it was great. He’s always been someone that I’ve really admired and one of my favourites actually from Harry Potter. It was great, he was actually quite fatherly on the film, because obviously he’s known me since I was quite young. He was really nice and it was just really a great experience.”
(About Alan Rickman, co-star of CBGB, Exclusive Interview, September 2012)

“I love Alan. He’s one of my favorites, and he was completely transformed. I was surprised when I saw him. He was just completely in that zone, as he was when he was Snape, when he was quite intimidating. And yeah, when I was doing that first scene, it was weird! I was getting flashbacks of when I was 11, because I kind of grew up with him, really, in a weird way, so he’s been in my life for a long time. So it was kind of cool to see him out of that world and in a completely new environment.”
(About Alan Rickman, co-star of CBGB, , October 2013)

“It was interesting actually. I’ve always liked his stuff and it was great to meet him, he was very focused. Yeah, he was great, a really nice guy. I had some quite interesting scenes with him, so yeah it was fun to meet him.”
(About Shia Labeouf, co-star of The Necessary Death of Charlie Countryman, Exclusive Interview, September 2012)

“Shia is quite… he is the character. I don’t feel like I really met Shia, I met Charlie Countryman. In the nicest way.”
(About Shia Labeouf, co-star of The Necessary Death of Charlie Countryman, Exclusive Interview, February 2013)

“He smashed the place up, got naked and kept seeing this owl. If anything will make you not do drugs, it’s watching that.”
(About Shia Labeouf, co-star of The Necessary Death of Charlie Countryman, The Guardian, January 2014)

“He’s a lovely guy. He was really cool, I’m a really big fan of him. He’s terrifying in the film *laughs* and he’s just such a lovely guy, really cool man.”
(About Mads Mikkelsen, co-star of The Necessary Death of Charlie Countryman, Exclusive Interview, September 2012)

“Even in the fourth film, poor Matt still had some crappy fat suit, prosthetic teeth and things to make his ears stick out, so people thought that was how he looked, but underneath he had changed. For me, that contrast was clearest in the final film, when he did this big speech in a courtyard and you thought, “Where did that come from?” It was a great moment.
I noticed, too, the change in public awareness – overnight he became a sex symbol and it was nice for Matt to have his moment. He gave me a bit of stick with the kissing scenes with Emma, though, as back in the day he had a little thing with her.
I always knew Matt and I would stay in touch. It’s great that I’ll always have him to talk to about it all.”
(About Matthew Lewis,, September 2012)

“It’s really intimidating, yeah. Just to keep up with them has become my main objective. They’re just so funny and they’re so experienced. They really know what they’re doing. It’s amazing to me to watch that. I’ve learned so much just being in the room with them.”

“Oh, Nathan is quite a force. He’s hilarious, and Murray as well. I’m just so lucky to be surrounded by these people.”
(About the It’s Only A Play Cast,, August 2014)

“The first few weeks, I just felt quite out of my depth, cause it is quite an overwhelming cast. I just feel so lucky that the whole company is just so experienced, and Jack O’Biren is an amazing director—and Terrence. I’m so lucky to be surrounded by these people. Theatre has opened my eyes; I’ve learned so much.”
(About the It’s Only A Play Cast,, September 2014)

“I remember on the first day just looking around the table, thinking, Oh, my God, this is real. But it’s been a really good rehearsal process, and I feel comfortable. They all know comedy so well.”
(About the It’s Only A Play Cast,, September 2014)

“It was terrifying. I was so intimidated and nervous to meet him — he’s Hellboy! But he was so sweet, so much fun, and so funny. You don’t equate him with comedy, but he’s hilarious. The scene of our characters tripping on acid took us hours to get through. We couldn’t hold it together. ”
(About Ron Pearlman,, January 2016)

“Anything to do with Ron Perlman was hysterical – especially the scene when he was tripping on acid!”
( Twitter chat 2016)

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