Rupert Grint Biography: Tributes and Presenting

Find below a list of ceremonies where Rupert was presenting.


BAFTA Tribute to Julie Walters

December 2003
Rupert makes a speech at the BAFTAs honoring his Harry-Potter mum Julie Walters.
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First Light Film Awards

23 February 2005
Rupert attended the First Light Film Awards where young filmmakers were honoured for their work.
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Pride of Britain Awards

11 October 2005
Rupert and co-star Tom Felton awarded Liz Carnell with a Special Award for her work against bullying.
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BAFTA 2005 “Best Editing”

12 February 2005
Rupert Grint and William Moseley present the BAFTA in the the category “Best Editing” to “The Constant Gardener”
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First Light Film Awards

17 March 2009
Along with Jamie Bamber (Law & Order) and BBC Entertainment Correspondent Lizo Mziba, Rupert was part of the jury choosing the winners for the 2009 First Light Film Awards.

Jameson Empire Film Awards: Outside Arrivals

Empire Awards

28 March 2010
Rupert attended the 2010 Empire Awards and recognised actor Simon Pegg with an award in the Sci-Fi category.
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South Bank Sky Arts Awards

South Bank Sky Arts Awards

25 January 2011
Rupert awarded the Film Monsters in the category Best Film.

Super Shorts International Film Festival

November 2011
Rupert was a member of the jury alongside Alex Zane, Philip Bloom, Andrew Scott and James Clarke


British Animal Honours

11 April 2013
Rupert attended the first British Animal Honours as an honouree.
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Pride of Britain Awards

28 September 2015
Rupert attends the Pride of Britain Awards and presents Teenager of Courage Award winner Sohana Collins with a special present.
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